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Co-Invest 2 – Tribe Brewing Pty Ltd

During August 2018 VPEG3’s Investment Committee approved a co-investment alongside the Advent Partners 1 Fund into Tribe Brewing Pty Ltd (“Tribe”). Tribe is Australia’s leading independent manufacturer of craft beer and premium alcoholic beverages. Founded in 2012 by the Szpitalak family, Tribe has focused heavily on innovative and high-quality craft brewing of its own brand (Stockade Brew Co). Additionally, Tribe Brewing are sharing their manufacturing platform with contract brewing partners to further grow the craft beer industry.

The current size of the craft beer market in Australia is approximately $500 million and is expected to grow at a double digit growth rate. This is due to a majority of craft beer drinkers being predominantly millennials, where the strong market growth is driven by their shift towards authentic, high-quality, local brands. 8

The group has doubled revenue over the last two years and has an extensive pipeline of growth opportunities. Their Stockade brand is one of the fastest growing independent craft beers in Australia and the recipient of multiple awards and accolades.

The rapid expansion has resulted in their Smeaton Grange, NSW brewery reaching its maximum capacity. Advent’s investment is to fund a state of the art, craft brewing facility in Goulburn, NSW to facilitate further business growth, improve efficiencies and provide greater format and packaging flexibility.

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