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VPEG3 Quarterly Report June 2020

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21 August 2020

VPEG3 Quarterly Report for the 3 months ending 30 June 2020

Special Points of Interest;

  • Advent Partners 2 invests in Medtech, a leading provider of Practice Management Software to over 18,000 GP, Allied Health & Specialist users across Australia and New Zealand
  • Advent also invests in Flintfox International, a global provider of Trade Revenue Management software and services for large enterprise customers
  • Mercury Capital Fund 3 acquires Bauer ANZ, Australia’s leading magazine publisher with a strong presence also across digital, books and other media across Australia and New Zealand
  • VPEG3’s Net Asset Value improves by 18.7% across the quarter due to an increase in the value of 14 underlying companies at quarter end due to earnings improvements

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Australian Private Equity Well Positioned to Outperform

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2 July 2020

With Australia entering its first recession in 29 years as a result of the slowing economy caused by the COVID-19 restrictions, it is timely to compare the historical performance of the Australian & New Zealand Private Equity market across all time frames, to the performance of those Private Equity funds that were established during, or otherwise invested across, previous recessionary periods.

Summary statistics provided by AVCAL & Cambridge Associates reveal that the median and upper quartile net returns from Private Equity funds formed in Australia and New Zealand, between 1997 and 2018, focused on the later expansion and buyout financing stage, in which Vantage funds invest, was 11.1% p.a. and 20.3% p.a. respectively. These robust returns demonstrate Private Equity’s ability to consistently outperform public markets as the return on the S&P ASX 200 Accumulation Index over the corresponding period was only 8.4% p.a.

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VPEG3 Quarterly Report March 2020

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14 May 2020

VPEG3 Quarterly Report for the 3 months ending 31 March 2020

Special Points of Interest;

– Next Capital Fund IV acquires TM Insight, a Supply Chain consulting and implementation service provider to clients across the food, wholesale, manufacturing and transport / logistics sectors.

– Mercury Capital Fund 3 acquires a minority shareholding in TEG, a market leading live entertainment business in Australia and New Zealand.

– Anchorage Capital Partners Fund III announces the acquisition of AHG Refrigerated Logistics, Australia’s largest fully integrated refrigerated logistics provider.

– A significant majority of VPEG3’s underlying portfolio have reported a net benefit or a low impact to their revenues as a result of the current COVID-19 operating environment

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The information you need to provide to staff about COVID-19 can change in the blink of an eye, but there’s a very simple way to get your message across.

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When it comes to rules and regulations around COVID-19 in Australia, things change at a rapid pace and the requirements aren’t always clear. Some beaches are open, some are closed. You can go for a walk in a park, but sit down in that same park and you could be in trouble.

Unfortunately, the workplace isn’t immune to these changes and the consequences of breaking the rules are severe.

One new requirement recently set out by SafeWork Australia is that all businesses must now have COVID-19 related signage in their workplace. In this article, we’ll walk you through the details of this new requirement and outline what you need to do to comply.

The new guidelines

Safework Australia’s new guidelines outline six things employers need to be doing, including:

  • Having signs and posters around the workplace to remind workers and others of the risks of COVID-19 and the measures necessary to stop its spread.

A lack of compliance with these new guidelines could have severe consequences for our organisation.


Private Equity Wins on COVID-19 Testing Kits

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VPEG3’s underlying investment in Legend Corporation Pty Ltd, completed by investee Adamantem Capital Fund I during August 2019, is currently benefiting from a strong demand in volumes for tiny parts made from an Adelaide plant used to create COVID-19 testing kits.

Legend Corporation, which has manufacturing businesses across electronics, data storage equipment and semi-conductors, is experiencing a heavy uptick in demand for ceramic substrates made by its Hendon Semiconductors business, which are a component in COVID-19 testing kits.

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School ‘Attendance’ Higher With Online Learning

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VPEG3’s investment into Compass Education, within the Advent Partners 2 Portfolio, is experiencing a significant increase in the number of users of its online learning platform. Compass is the largest school data management business in the country and one of the only integrated education service providers for teachers, parents and students. Servicing over 1800 schools with more than 2 million users, Compass is facilitating the delivery of online learning tools and communications to provide effective distant learning capabilities for students around Australia as Schools nationwide have been mostly closed due to COVID-19.

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COVID-19 VPEG3 Portfolio Update

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14 April 2020

The current environment around COVID-19 and restrictions imposed by Government’s on the operations of businesses across the economy continues to evolve daily. As such, VPEG3’s management continues to monitor all underlying company investments through active discussions with VPEG3’s remaining underlying private equity fund managers on an ongoing basis. The following points provide a summary overview of the analysed impact to VPEG3’s underlying portfolio;

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Download VPEG3’s COVID-19 Portfolio Update here

Vantage Funds Update – COVID-19

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18 March 2020

Vantage Asset Management is closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation and has implemented responsible measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, business partners, service providers, clients and investors. In addition, the protection of the value of all of Vantage’s Funds underlying investments, is one of our highest priorities.

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VPEG3 Quarterly Report December 2019

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12 February 2020

VPEG3 Quarterly Report for the 3 months ending 31 December 2019

Special Points of Interest;

– Advent Partners 2 invests in Mandoe Media, an Australian founded software provider with unique platforms in digital signage and customer engagement

– Allegro Fund III acquires the Value Retail Group, which includes iconic retail brands Best & Less and Postie (NZ)

– Mercury Capital Fund 3 invests in MessageMedia, Australasia’s largest business-to-person messaging business with international operations in the United States and the United Kingdom

– Next Capital Fund IV commences its invested program with two new investments completed, Silver Chef and InterHealthCare

– VPEG3’s portfolio expands to 27 underlying company investments, operating across a broad range of industry sectors

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Next Capital Fund IV, Completes Two New Company Investments During December 2019

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Next Capital Fund IV has an active start to December 2019, with the completion of two new Underlying Company Investments to commence Next IV’s investment program.

On 4 December 2019, Next IV completed the acquisition of Silver Chefs’ hospitality business from ASX listed Silver Chef Limited. Silver Chef is a market leading hospitality equipment funding business, operating across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Established in 1986, Silver Chef provides commercial equipment rental and financing to small and medium sized businesses in the hospitality sector.

On 6 December 2019, Next IV completed an initial investment into InterHealthCare Pty Limited (IHC). IHC represents all allied health modalities, providing a broad range of health services under a diversified business model. IHC’s initial portfolio of assets include multi-disciplinary physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic practices across the eastern states of Australia.

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