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Notice of VPEG3 2020 Annual General Meeting

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3 November 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Vantage Private Equity Growth 3 (VPEG3) consisting of Vantage Private Equity Growth 3, LP (ILP NO. L0000419E) (VPEG3, LP) and Vantage Private Equity Growth Trust 3A, (VPEG3A) will be held via video conference at 11:00am AEDST on Wednesday 25th November 2020 broadcast from Level 17, 8 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000

Investors seeking to attend the virtual AGM, please advise Vantage by email at, to register your interest and you will receive video conference details by way of an invitation prior to the meeting.

Performance Highlights from VPEG3’s 2020 Annual Report;

  • $16.21m in Additional Capital Drawn by underlying Private Equity Funds
  • 16 new underlying company investments added to the portfolio
  • A total of 33 underlying company investments have now been completed with an average hold period of 1.2 years
  • Paid capital by all investors to VPEG3, LP of $0.55 per dollar of Committed Capital to VPEG3
  • Paid capital by all investors, except SIV investors, to VPEG3A of $0.23 per dollar of Committed Capital to VPEG3
  • Companies held within the VPEG3 portfolio for more than one year have on average increased Revenue by 72% and Earnings (EBITDA) by 21% since initial investment
  • 21% is the total increase in value, after fees, delivered by VPEG3, across FY20